Five unique extension design ideas

Extending your home to complement your traditional property doesn’t have to mean compromising on those special details. 

  1. This single storey extension is made using brick and a traditional pegged oak frame. The ceiling is vaulted exposing the frame and letting so much light into the room. The glazing is frameless, almost making it feel that the glass isn’t there at all! 

And it all sits beautifully against the existing cottage. Detail is everything in this extension, read more about this project.

  1. The seamless inside/outside feel is so inviting, particularly in those gorgeous summer months. This extension takes full advantage of the back of the house opening into the garden, with a large set of bifolds that even turn the corner. 

A contemporary shape, softened with traditional materials, like this extension clad in timber, can really complement your existing property. Read more here.

  1. 60’s and 70’s properties can seem tricky to extend. Sometimes the pallets can seem quite ‘brown’ 

It’s possible to create an extension that is both contemporary and that works perfectly with the original building. See more pictures for inspiration here.

  1. Old vs new

Sometimes opposites can REALLY work. This contemporary box extension on a detached Edwardian property complements the existing house perfectly. The extension ‘plugs in’ to the back of the house, and a ribbon window separates the two forms. Think about materials when you are extending, too much of one material can appear too ‘heavy’ the contrast of brick and timber works well here to visually break the material palette – continue reading and see more pictures here.

  1. Contrast and compliment 

Too much of one material can sometimes make your extension appear too dominant. Using materials that compliment each other can help to define the extended part of the house, without making it look at odds with the existing. 

This extension is built with linear stone, the colour palette tones with the existing render, is very low maintenance and will weather well. The form of this extension always had this material in mind, so it works proportionally. This is one of our very favourite projects!