Investor Appraisals

Are you an investor?

We know how useful it is to have an appraisal on a potential purchase, or an option agreement for that peace of mind moving forward. Whether it’s land that you’re looking to develop, an office/commercial to residential development, conversion of a single dwelling to flats or HMO, or the renovation of a single dwelling, we can help.

What’s included?

A full appraisal of planning restrictions and the route you might need to take, guidance of unit numbers based on site criteria, space standards and your brief. An appraisal of additional requirements and any consultants you may need on the team.

You will get a full understanding of your site, to make an informed decision of how to proceed with your investment.

Investor clients:

Not only does it make perfect sense to have someone working with you who understands space standards, current building regulations, and how to renovate in an effective and cost considerate way. A well-designed property will sell or rent fast, meaning fewer void periods, or time on the market.

What is it like to work with us? You give us your investment goals. Tell us who you are aiming this property towards, maybe it’s professional tenants renting apartments or rooms, or you are investing in serviced accommodation? Perhaps you will be creating family homes, either as part of a buy to let portfolio or to sell? Or even a mixed-use development to include commercial premises.

Whatever your investment strategy, we have your goals at the heart of our relationship with you, always looking to create that win-win.

Get in touch today to tell us about your goals and see if we are the right fit for you.