About the Architects

Laurence Wright

Technical Director and Architect My experience and specialism is in technical construction details and site support, although I am of course an excellent building designer too. I really like getting involved in the nitty gritty of technical design and bringing my clients design to life with my construction knowledge and technical expertise.

Favourite previous project and why? I have worked on many projects over my career. I think my favourite is … College Road; this project was unusual in that I was approached by another architect, who had designed the form and obtained planning approval, asking my company to detail the project and provide site support. This fitted right into my specialisms. What made this project more interesting was the need to completely renovate the existing Georgian house too. The results were beautiful.

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? Outside of the office I am spending time with my family, that’s important. Though with a little spare time, I would either be off-road cycling or kayaking. My favourite cycling experience is hurtling down a hill through a forest. My favourite place and time to kayak is off the beach at sunset.

Verity Lovelock

Design Director and Architect I am Lead Design, which means I get to oversee all the fabulous projects that we are asked to design. I am also the first contact for new clients that want to know where to start with their building project. I honestly have my dream job. I absolutely love working with clients to achieve their dream home, often calling us is the first step in what has been years of thinking about their project. And what an exciting journey it will be!

Favourite previous project and why? The Old Vic is one of my favourites, it was a five year relationship with my clients overall. There were planning challenges, budget challenges and build challenges, but the end result was a beautiful family home that my clients could not be happier with!

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? If I’m not running ‘Mum’s Taxi’s,’ I’m at the beach hut, in a kayak, on a bike or in a hammock…with a book… and a gin.

Together we look after your project and you

We will communicate with you often, keeping you up to date with progress. We cut out the jargon and explain each stage clearly, step by step.

We are passionate about residential design; we believe your home is fundamental to your quality of life. Home is where you raise your family, gather your friends, and seek respite from a busy day. We believe, when a home is designed with thought, care, and skill all elements of life become that much better.

In short, good design can change your life. Talk to Verity or Laurence today on 01794 524 200.