Lymington Extension

This single storey extension has completely transformed not only the space in this beautiful, detached family home but has changed the way that the family live and spend their time together.

You may think that replacing an extension is not worth the money, however this family would beg to differ!
The existing extension had no connection with the garden and brought in very little natural light, making the dining area at the back of the space very dark indeed. The lights were always on in this room, even on a sunny day. There were double doors from the living room, and a single door from the utility, very limited connection to the garden. AND to top it all off, the entrance to this family space was through the utility! Through the washing and muddy boots to the most important room in the house!

Well, we changed all that.
We first created a new door into the kitchen/dining space opening straight into the room, which means that the utility room is more functional and can be closed off from the family space.
Then, we got to work on the kitchen space. We proposed a revised extension, larger than the previous extension, with bifold connecting to the beautiful garden and a comfortable corner window seat – this space is idyllic and is the clients favourite spot in the home!
The kitchen occupies this extension space, and a big, functional kitchen Island serves as the ‘hub’ of the house where the family spend most of their time.

To address the light issue in the dining area, we added 3 rooflights towards the back of the extension, to bring good quality light deep into the plan. This space now is so much brighter.
The single door into the living room was replaced with double Crittall style doors which connect the two spaces. And finally, the multiple smaller openings in the living room were replaced with a set of bi-fold doors, opening the room to the garden.
We will let you be the judge of how these relatively small, but meaningful changes have improved the space.

Designed by V&L Architects

Interior Design by Jojo Macnamara

Photography by Steve at Zooming Photography

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